Chinese embassy in U.S. presents bilateral friendship, rich provincial culture in open house

The Chinese Embassy in the United States has joined the Around the World Embassy Tour of Washington D.C. to hold an open house event, presenting the traditional China-U.S. friendship and rich culture of one of China's most ethnically diverse provinces.

The event, on the theme of "Yunnan: A Many-Splendored Life," presented the beautiful province in southwestern China, attracting about 15,000 visitors on Saturday.

Heading a delegation, Wang Hao, vice governor of Yunnan, visited the Chinese embassy while art troupes from Yunnan gave a splendid performance showcasing a colorful province with vast potential and unique charm.

Present at the session were over 350 guests, including Deputy Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of State Rick Waters, Director of the Office of East Asia at the Department of the Treasury Joseph Dickson, former Secretary of Defense William Cohen, and foreign diplomats in the United States.

Wang, in his remarks, outlined the socioeconomic development, opening-up, history, culture, and ethnic features of Yunnan.

He recalled how, in the 1940s, the Flying Tigers fought side by side with the Chinese people in Yunnan against fascist invasion, and opened the well-known Hump route, leaving behind touching stories of China-U.S. friendship.

In recent years, Yunnan has continued to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with subnational governments in the United States, the vice governor said.

Charge d'affaires of the Chinese Embassy in the United States Xu Xueyuan described Yunnan as a gateway to the opening-up of southwestern China.

Yunnan, she said, has excelled in pursuing growth while protecting the environment, exemplifying China's consistent efforts to uphold harmony between man and nature.

Artists from the Yunnan Huadeng Opera Theatre and the Ethnic Culture Studio of Honghe, treated the audience to a feast of authentic Yunnan performance on the stage of the Chinese Embassy.

Performers of Flying Birds, a song in the over 700-year-old Haicai tune of the Yi ethnic minority group, amazed the audience with their soaring voices.

The Huayao Dai ethnic dance Hopping with Bamboo Tubes offered a delightful glimpse into the folk life and ethnic customs of Yunnan.

The hulusi instrumental music piece Fernleaf Hedge Bamboo under the Moonlight depicted the picturesque bamboo houses of the Dai ethnic group.

The audience watched intently. Children dancing to the tunes and emulating the artists made an especially lovely scene.

Two preservers of intangible cultural heritage from Yunnan demonstrated Dongba Pictographic Calligraphy and paper-cutting art of the Dai ethnic group.

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