Happiness called living in Shangri-La


Decades ago, since the renowned novelist James Hilton depicted Shangri-La as a place of peace, tranquility, and eternity in his novel “Lost Horizon,” Shangri-La has become a paradise among many. Let us learn more about Shangri-La of the World and unveil the mystery of this tourist attraction.



With meadows, snowy mountains, ancient towns, temples, lakes, and rivers, Diqing has various fascinating attractions that are incomparable in types of scenery. It is favored by the creator and longed for by people with its unique glamour.


Little squirrels running in the forest trails, azaleas blooming on the bank of highland lakes, and eagles soaring in the sky show you the snowy plateau is filled with vitality.


There are dense forests, many lakes, and endless meadows here. A good ecological environment makes you stop to look and take a deep breath. Living in Shangri-La is bliss with the “blue sky, white clouds, lush mountains, and lucid waters” everyone desires. People living in Shangri-La are used to bathing under the blue sky and white clouds, smelling the fresh air, and basking in the warm sunshine. Every day is a wonderful day!



Diqing has been forging ahead with firm steps for the brightest future and tells the world loudly that the Shangri-La of the world welcomes you!

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